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  • Young puppies at this age still need complete supervision and are not use to having full reign of the house and yard.

  • Please make sure that if your puppy is not being supervised he/she needs to be crated or in a safe zone such as an exercise pin.

  • Tethering your puppy or leashing your puppy is a great way to keep control while spending time with you.

  • No puppy at this stage can be crated for more than 3 hours during the DAY

  • Covering your puppy’s crate with a blanket is a good idea

  • Background noise sometimes soothes an anxious puppy in a crate

  • No food or water allowed in crate.

  • Only approved non-destructible toys allowed inside crate with puppy

  • Use puppy’s name before all commands IE: “Fido Come”

  • Never scold or hit you puppy for any reason what so ever

  • Your puppy will need ongoing training and praise

  • Socializing your puppy with healthy dogs and puppies is important

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