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Puppy Wish List

Collar – Size 8-14 inch should fit your 8 week old puppy.


ID tag - Vaccination tags will come from your vet. This is a tag that includes the puppy's name, as well as your name and number or address. Many people are willing to help a puppy find its way home if they know where home is.


Leash - Avoid losing your new puppy in the first place by placing him on a leash every time you take the puppy outside. A 4 ft leash will work great for now.


Crate - If you plan to crate train your new puppy, to stay inside at home while you are away or for sleeping, it is best to start right away. I use a size large with an option divider ( has great prices.


Pen or fence - If your puppy is going to spend time outdoors, make sure that you have a pen or fence in place that is large enough to accommodate the needs of your puppy. This will keep your puppy safe from fitting thru small gaps or holes in your fencing or pools. Super yard XT is what we recommend.



Bedding – Please bed your new puppy indoors. There are appropriate supplies available to keep puppy safe, comfortable and happy. You may want to choose a dog pillow or cushion or you may choose to line an exercise pin with newspaper if not crate training.



Food - As a first-time dog owner, which brand of food to use may be a bit overwhelming. We have made it easy for you and offer an 18 month health guarantee if you keep you puppy’s diet on Life’s Abundance Organic Grain Free All Stages. Please order under my Group ID: 20198930 Ph1-877-387-4564 or online at this direct link:


Food and water bowls - Feed your puppy at regular intervals (3x daily) and always keep fresh water available. Your puppy is eating a high quality puppy food and should eat puppy food until 12 months of age.



Veterinarian - Get referrals from friends and check reviews to find a good vet in your area. Schedule a visit for your new puppy within 3wks after bringing him/her home. My Vets info will be included in your puppy starter kit.



Puppy training pads - It will take some time to housebreak your puppy. Puppy pee pads, as they are sometimes called, are not my first choice in potty training choices. The pads are scented to encourage puppies to potty on them instead of on your floors but may send mixed house training signals to your pup.  We use the Pet turf (synthetic Grass Pads) for my boot camp training, works well, easy clean up, and we never encourage puppy to potty in house even once.


Gentle puppy shampoo - Dogs can get dirty quickly, puppies too. Don't bathe your dog too often, but of course it is helpful to keep a puppy shampoo on-hand. I use an all natural cedar shampoo that I order from and any organic shampoo offered at


Flea and tick prevention - You may also want to discuss this with your vet. Again I use cedar shampoo to naturally rid fleas and ticks.


Puppy toys and treats - Buying toys for your new puppy is usually fun and easy. Make sure that toys are high quality and durable. Cheap puppy toys that can be easily torn apart not only make a mess, but the can be small parts can be ingested by your puppy causing problems. Always provide safe puppy toys, make sure electrical cords, plants, and other items your new puppy should not chew on are put away. As for treats, please no rawhide or “Junk Food” treats. More than likely if you can purchase at a “Grocery Store” it’s not a great choice. Check out wide selection of treats while ordering your life’s abundance food.

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